Saturday, March 19, 2011

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Japanese-Americans Bringing Families to US
2 min
A Japanese-American woman is bringing her parents and brother's family to New York due to radiation and other concerns in ... - Related videos
Pet Shop Boys turn their hand to ballet
2 min
The Pet Shop Boys are better known for their chart topping pop tunes, but front man Neil Tennant reveals the band's latest project ... - Related videos
Raw Video: 5 Dead in California Plane Crash
2 min
Two prominent real estate developers and a bicycle advocate were among five people killed Wednesday in the fiery crash of a twin ... - Related videos
Wife of Freed American in Pakistan Speaks
1 min
Pakistan abruptly freed the CIA contractor who shot and killed two men in a gunfight in Lahore after a deal was sealed Wednesday ... - Related videos
Hydrogen Explosion Occurs at Japanese Nuke Plant
58 sec
Japan's chief cabinet secretary says a hydrogen explosion has occurred at Unit 3 of Japan's stricken Fukushima Dai-ichi nuclear ... - Related videos
Quake, Tsunami, Nuclear Crisis Overwhelm Japan
2 min
Japan says an earthquake and tsunami overwhelmed its efforts to contain a growing crisis at nuclear power plants damaged by the ... - Related videos
Raw Video: Plane Shot Down by Libyan Rebels
2 min
Libyan rebels shot down a warplane that was bombing their eastern stronghold Benghazi on Saturday, as the opposition accused ... - Related videos
Justin Bieber Gets Waxed
2 min
Every major celebrity has a wax figure, including Justin Bieber! Madame Tussauds unveiled three Bieber wax figures Tuesday in ... - Related videos
Facebook Post Rescues Robbery Victims
1 min
A Georgia college student saved his family's home and their lives from masked intruders when he updated his Facebook profile ... - Related videos
Banks Boost Dividends As Fed Loosens Leash
1 min
The Federal Reserve on Friday cleared the way for some major banks to boost stock dividends. (March 18) ... fed-Banks ... - Related videos

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