Saturday, May 21, 2011

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Lars Von Trier: "I Understand Hitler"
3 min
At the press conference for his latest film 'Melancholia', director Lars Von Trier stirs up Cannes with Nazi quips whilst an ...
Flooding Ends Year Early at Louisiana School
2 min
The threat of flooding is prompting at least one Louisiana school district to end the school year early and cancel the last week of ...
Weekly Obama Address: Improving Education
3 min
Trying to make his case for overhauling the nation's education laws, President Barack Obama is highlighting progress at a ...
Zoo Begins Look Into Hearts of Apes
2 min
Zoo Atlanta, the nation's largest gorilla population zoo begins new research aimed to reduce heart disease in apes. (May 19 ...
Teacher Layoffs Sweeping US
3 min
Teachers are being laid off across the country as local governments try to balance their budgets (May 16) ... budgets_teachers ...
Adoboys Vs. Associated Press 1 of 7
10 min
Adoboys Vs. Associated Press

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