Saturday, June 25, 2011

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Kabul Celebrates "Go Skateboarding Day"
2 min
Kids turned out in force for the "Go Skateboarding Day" event in the Afghan capital Kabul Tuesday. (21 June 2011) ... ISL-AFG ...
Water Filling 2500 Homes in Minot As River Rises
2 min
The Souris River's full weight is being felt in Minot, where an estimated 2500 homes are filling with water as the river has soared ...
World Leaders, Afghans React to Obama's Speech
1 min
Afghans and world leaders reacted on Thursday to President Barack Obama's decision to bring home some 33-thousand US ...
No Free Ride Home for New Zealand Penguin
58 sec
There will be no free ride back to Antarctica for a young Emperor penguin who apparently got lost, but then defied the odds by ...

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