Monday, July 18, 2011

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Raw Video: Sculpture of Marilyn Monroe Unveiled
1 min
The Picasso, the Bean and now the Blonde Bombshell. A 26-foot-tall sculpture of Marilyn Monroe in her most famous pose was ...
Raw Video: Time Lapse of Bridge Destruction
2 min
Los Angeles freeway was shutdown for 36 hours over the weekend. Associated Press correspondents Reed Saxon and Matt ...
Both Sides "hard at Work" to End NFL Lockout
1 min
Lawyers for the NFLPA and owners met Monday in New York to work on ending the four-month lockout. NFLPA spokesman George ...
Lead Doctor Says Mubarak Did Not Have Stroke
53 sec
Hosni Mubarak's lead doctor denied Sunday that the ousted Egyptian president had suffered a stroke or was in a coma, as ...
Raw Video: View From Shuttle's Boosters
3 min
NASA released video showing the view of last week's final space shuttle launch as seen from the solid rocket boosters. The ...
Obama on Debt Talks: 'Enough Is Enough'
2 min
As bond-rating agencies warn they could soon downgrade US debt, the US Treasury secretary warns default is looming and an ...
Afghan President Buries Slain Half Brother
1 min
A grief-stricken Afghan president Hamid Karzai attended the funeral ceremony for his half brother Wednesday, then pleaded with ...
China's Economic Growth Eases, but Not Too Much
2 min
China said its economic growth eased to 9.5 percent in the latest quarter amid rate hikes. But the numbers give the government room ...

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