Friday, July 22, 2011

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Farmer: Animals Need Help With Heat Wave
1 min
An excessive heat warning is in effect for much of the central and eastern United States through the weekend. Find out how a farmer ...
Minn. Gov. Signs Budget Deal, Ending Shutdown
51 sec
Minnesota Gov. Mark Dayton today signed a new budget, ending the nation's longest state government shutdown in the past ...
14 Arrests for Alleged Cyberattack on PayPal
1 min
Fourteen people were arrested Tuesday for allegedly mounting a cyberattack on the website of PayPal in retaliation for its ...
New Suspects Arrested in Baseball Fan Beating
33 sec
fan outside Dodger Stadium and the original suspect may well be exonerated, a law enforcement official told The Associated Press ...
Stan Lee Praises Spider-Man and X-Men Games
2 min
At Comic-Con in San Diego, Spider-Man and X-Men co-creator Stan Lee talked up the future of his characters -- including Activision ...
Video Bomb Explosion Oslo Norway Government ...
16 sec
Stoltenberg is safe, government spokeswoman Camilla Ryste told The Associated Press. There was no immediate word on the ...

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