Wednesday, August 3, 2011

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Haiti, Dom. Rep. Brace for TS Emily
1 min
Tropical Storm Emily is headed toward the Dominican Republic and Haiti, where more than 630000 people are still without shelter ...
Raw Video: Giffords Appears on House Floor
2 min
As House lawmakers voted to pass a debt ceiling deal, Rep. Gabrielle Giffords made her first appearance in the Capitol since being ...
China Buys Into Times Square
2 min
China's state news agency lights up Times Square with a new billboard. Xinhua takes its place among the most recognizable ...
HAMA UNDER FIRE 3/8/2011 حماه - دبابات و قصف
1 min
verify the reports of the assault. Hamawi, who spoke to the Associated Press news agency over the phone, said troops were also ...
Debt Deal: Winners and Losers
2 min
When President Barack Obama and top lawmakers made a deal on raising the debt ceiling, the outcome was good for some, and a ...

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