Thursday, September 8, 2011

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Some Libyan Fighters Claim Gadhafi Surrounded
1 min
One spokesman for Libyan fighters claimed Wednesday that opponents of the ousted dictator have Moammar Gadhafi surrounded ...
Adults Get a Life-sized Sandbox in Las Vegas
2 min
Las Vegas visitors can now get a bigger taste of a typical backyard sandbox. Dig This offers playtime in excavators and bulldozers ...
Obama to Congress: 'Stop the Political Circus'
2 min
President Barack Obama is urging a joint session of Congress to work together to 'stop the political circus' and do something to ...
Medvedev Visits Hockey Team Plane Crash Site
57 sec
Russian President Dmitry Medvedev visited the site of a deadly plane crash that killed 43 people including one of the country's ...
First Person: 'Don't Expect' a Job From Obama
2 min
35-year-old Ansha Saunders was laid off in March from her finance job in California. She listened to President Barack Obama as he ...

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