Tuesday, September 27, 2011

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Raw Video: Hundreds Hurt in China Subway Crash
1 min
A Shanghai subway train crashed into the back of another on Tuesday, injuring more than 210 people. (Sept. 27 ...
American Killed in Kabul CIA Office Attack
41 sec
An Afghan employee carried out a nighttime attack on a CIA office in Kabul, leaving an American citizen dead and another wounded ...
Raw Video: Seattle Home Explodes
2 min
Two people have been injured in a fire at a north Seattle home that exploded Monday morning and was heard more than a mile ...
Wynton Marsalis and Eric Clapton Play the Blues
2 min
Wynton Marsalis comes from the worlds of jazz and classical music, and Eric Clapton is a famed rock star, but their recent ...
Raw Video: US Diplomats Walkout on Iran Pres.
2 min
On the day after Iran released two Americans it had held for more than two years on spy charges, US diplomats have walked out of ...

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