Sunday, October 16, 2011

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Raw Video: Chinese Fighter Jet Crashes Nose Down
1 min
A fighter jet has crashed during an exhibition at an air show in central China. There are no reports of casualties. (Oct. 14) ... China ...
Polly Want a Shot? Drunk Parrots Worry Aussies
1 min
In Australia, red-collared lorikeets are staggering around the streets drunk, some are even collapsing. The culprit is their taste for ...
Harry Potter Lives On
2 min
As tickets go on sale for the "Making of Harry Potter" studio tour, cast members including Rupert Grint, Bonnie Wright, Tom Felton ...
Johnny Depp Brings 'Rum' to LA
2 min
At the Los Angeles premiere for Hunter S. Thompson's 'The Rum Diary,' Johnny Depp and Amber Heard reveal how great it ...
Swansea slack
2 min
Swansea Manager Brendan Rodgers says his normally strong defense "just weren't" in their match against Norwich. ... sports ...
Haircut Assaults Put Glare on Amish Community
2 min
In an unusually public display of trouble among the traditionally guarded Amish, a breakaway group is accused of attacking ...

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