Sunday, November 6, 2011

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Many '7 Billionth' Babies Celebrated Worldwide
2 min
She came into the world at two minutes before midnight, a tiny, wrinkled girl born into a struggling family. She became a symbol of ...
Greek PM, Opposition Reach Power-sharing Deal
1 min
Greece's embattled prime minister and main opposition leader agreed Sunday to form an interim government to ensure the ...
Raw Video: Shelling in Homs, Syria
2 min
Amateur video purportedly shot on Wednesday in the Syrian city of Homs showed tanks in the street, and what appeared to be ...
Former "60 Minutes" Commentator Andy Rooney Dies
2 min
Commentator Andy Rooney, famous for his decades on the news magazine show "60 Minutes" has died at age 92. Rooney retired ...
St Paul's 'wrong over demo snub'
57 sec
Douglas Alexander says St Paul's Cathedral was wrong to shut its doors as protesters camped out on its steps ... "Occupy London ...

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