Monday, November 14, 2011

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Predator Turns Helper As Penguins Face Demise
2 min
Australian wildlife services have a new weapon in their fight to protect an endangered colony of ...
Reporter Lives Broadway Fantasy in Mary Poppins
3 min
AP Entertainment Editor Alicia Quarles experiences the inner workings of a Broadway musical ...
Ashes Become Gemstones in Burial Trend
2 min
More and more people are opting to be cremated in South Korea, which has encouraged a ...
Dhaka summit battles climate change policy
2 min
Stefan Priesner, the UN's country director in Dhaka told the Associated Press news agency ...
GOP Debate: Attack Iran to Hold Off Nukes?
2 min
Republican presidential hopefuls sharply criticized President Barack Obama's efforts to thwart ...
Asteroid Anxiety? Astronomers Say Not to Worry
2 min
Asteroid 2005YU55 approaches and is the subject of research, not the script of Hollywood ...
Raw Video: Turks Run for Cover As Quake Strikes
2 min
Surveillance images show people running for cover as buildings collapse during an earthquake ...
Raw Video: Crash Into Home Caught on Camera
1 min
Video released by Tigard, Ore. police shows an officer's vehicle crashing into another car and a ...

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