Thursday, September 15, 2011

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'Most Eligible' Star Nordgren Dishes on 'Dallas'
2 min
Matt Nordgren on his Bravo reality show 'Most Eligible Dallas,' not dating and his future with co-star Courtney Kerr. (Sept. 15 ...
Rogue Trader Suspected in UBS $2 Billion Loss
2 min
Swiss bank UBS says a rogue trader has cost it $2 billion, which could push it in to the red in the 3rd quarter. London police say ...
Eddie Vedder Talks West Memphis Three
2 min
Speaking at the Toronto International Film Festival, musician Eddie Vedder expressed his continuing support for the West Memphis ...
Taliban Attack US Embassy, Other Kabul Buildings
2 min
Insurgents launched attacks on the US Embassy, NATO headquarters and other buildings in Afghanistan's capital Tuesday ...
BP Gulf Oil Spill Report Likely Out Today
1 min
A key federal report could come out today on who's to blame for last year's BP oil spill, the worst offshore oil spill in US History ...

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