Friday, September 16, 2011

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Obama Awards Medal of Honor to Marine
1 min
President Barack Obama is awarding the military's highest honor to a Marine credited with saving 36 lives during an intense fire ...
Taliban Attack US Embassy, Other Kabul Buildings
2 min
Teams of insurgents launched an attack on the US Embassy, NATO headquarters and other buildings in Afghanistan Tuesday ...
Protests at Fashion Show of Uzbek 1st Daughter
2 min
The runway show of Gulnara Karimova, the daughter of Uzbekistan's authoritarian leader, took place Thursday across town from ...
Jacobs Closes Fashion Week With Flapper Fringe
2 min
Marc Jacobs created a stunning speakeasy celebration Thursday night to close the curtain on New York Fashion Week. (Sept. 16 ...
AP Top Stories
1 min
Here's the latest news for Monday, September 12th: Obama sends jobs bill to Congress; Bank of America plans job cuts; Kenyan ...
Dog a Surrogate Mom to Rare White Tiger Cubs
33 sec
Three white tiger cubs are being suckled by a dog in a Chinese wildlife park, after their mother rejected them at birth. (Sept. 15 ...
Next-gen NASA Manned Rocket Unveiled
2 min
NASA is unveiling its design for a gigantic new rocket, bigger than the one that sent astronauts to the moon. The Space Launch ...
Dramatic Fight in Kabul Ends After 20 Hours
2 min
A 20-hour battle with insurgents in Kabul ended Wednesday after a volley of helicopter gunfire. The US Ambassador blamed the ...
Raw Video: Syrian Protestors Come Under Fire
2 min
Amateur video released on Wednesday purported to show anti-government protesters coming under fire from security forces in the ...

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